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For the purposes of this disclaimer Juvenile Hall Design and www.juvenilehalldesign.com and Ellen Mattesi are interchangeable.

Because Juvenile Hall Design is a place to share ideas that involve kids, their products, and activities, we choose to include this disclaimer. Juvenile Hall Design is published and edited by Ellen Mattesi. The information reflected in its pages includes opinions of the publisher based on personal experience and personal judgment of the ideas of others. They should not be taken as fact or reflect any legal authority, certified position or levels of safety. Reasonable and good judgment should be used in applying or practicing the ideas, products or projects on these pages. While we do make our best effort to discuss any risks when engaging in this website or its content, Juvenile Hall Design will not be held responsible for any injuries incurred from them. Please, use your best judgment.

At Juvenile Hall Design, the mention, or referral of any group, religious, political, ethnic, racial and so on is done with the idea of celebration and creativity. The point of Juvenile Hall Design is to explore and promote individuality in both adults and children. This individuality may include mention of cultural traditions and holidays, diets, environments, politics, income, ceremonies, celebrities, entertainment, business, education, health, products and materials. It is never to be viewed, perceived or implied as intent of discrimination, malice or exclusivity.

Due to our fast paced web world, products, supplies, businesses and websites are constantly changing. At Juvenile Hall Design, we do our best to keep references and links up to date, but can’t guarantee they will remain accurate once archived.

Juvenile Hall Design reserves the right to supplement or delete parts of the content or imagery without prior announcement.

Permission will be granted to other websites, blogs and tweets (non commercial websites only OR blogs with or without ads) to publish up to one (1) paragraph of text per article and/or use up to two (2) images per article AS LONG as a link back to the full entry on Juvenilehalldesign.com is included and referenced within its publication. No written permission is required if above rules are adhered to. If you find something on juvenilehalldesign.com and write about it, please note juvenilehalldesign.com as the source, credit it on your blog, website, or in the pages of your publication, and link it back its source. If you are interested in publishing any more than what is described above, please contact Ellen Mattesi here. We do encourage and approve of sharing ideas, but would request to be notified.

Design and layout is strictly the property of juvenilehalldesign.com. You are not permitted to reuse or duplicate it in any form. This includes all text, titles, photo layouts (i.e. collage, paint swatches, illustrations, textures, etc.), and overall site layout. They are created solely for the Juvenile Hall Design (www.juvenilehalldesign.com) brand and protected by Intellectual Property Rights. Any photos, paintings, projects, videos, titles and original creations, published on Juvenile Hall Design are the property on Juvenile Hall Design. Juvenile Hall Design reserves all reproduction rights. Violation of these terms constitutes a violation of copyright.

Juvenile Hall Design invites guest bloggers to post on select topics. Guest blogger posts are the sole responsibility of their authors. Juvenile Hall Design is not responsible, nor will be held liable, for the opinions expressed by guest bloggers.

Comments that are harsh, written with the intent to advertise, contain profanity, injure, insult or general spam are prohibited and will be deleted. Comments are the sole responsibility of their writers. Juvenile Hall Design is not responsible, nor will be held liable, for blog comments.

When posting or commenting on Juvenile Hall Design, Juvenile Hall Design holds the rights to copy, reproduce, publish or sell images or text of any individuals, property or products for any reason. Having declared this, we also hold tremendous respect for the ideas and creativity of other artists. With that in mind, please make every effort possible to supply your contact information when posting or commenting so that we may discuss these opportunities with you personally.

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