Pooh Nursery…My first kids room ever.

In my recent posts, I’ve mentioned how it is so exciting that blogging has presented me with a “new” element in my design career. And I have received such positive feedback over these first few months. Thank you to all of you who are sticking by me while I find my voice. I’m so grateful.


One question I have been asked during this time is “How did you start doing children’s rooms?”  Well, THIS design is room number ONE!  My very first kids room ever.


Now here is the scary part.  It is possible that the boy who slept in this nursery could drive right by me on the road.  He might even be…dare I say…in college.  Oh my god!

And yet I remember this project so clearly.  It was a very powerful time for me.  This project took me down a path that until that point, I never even considered.  Now it’s like breathing.  Designing for kids allows me to experience fantasy and imagination to the extreme.  I feel so privileged to have had so many parents invite me to create these whimsical spaces for their kids.  I am a lucky woman.