A Path to Creating a Kids Room Design, Part 4

So, with tools and vision in hand, we left off with the task of doing a little Internet sourcing. What I find when I get to this point is how much freedom there still is in choosing which direction to go. There are so many great finds out there, some modern and clean, come more raw and natural, but when putting them together with a vision in mind, it becomes so much easier. Here are a few items I found. I invite you to send yours to me.


1.  Company C Pillow   2.  Yellow Heart Pillow, ETSY, Sukan (they have some great handmade textile pillows)



1.  Land of Nod Jerry Lind Bed (in black)  A really cool match up with our black and white bird fabric.  

2.  Room and Board Parsons Trundle  Personally, I think a rollable trundle bed is fantastic all by itself.  



Not bad for a few hours shopping on line.  This covers a lot of basics.  When you get this far in your design, the rest becomes very personal.  You have to ask yourself some personal questions.  What size is your room?  What items do I already have that will make this room feel like it could ONLY be your kids room?  Do I want this room to be bold?  Modern?  Cozy?  Clean?  Maybe all of them.  Start to choose your favorite items from all of your hard work.  Take photos and samples and pile them together or hang them on an inspiration board.  Now you can think about finalizing your paint colors; or which fabrics might be good for curtains or duvet covers. 


Most importantly, if your kid can talk, bring him or her into the decision making process.  You might run the show and control the budget, but they need to love being in the space.  Put these choices together with a few DIY decor projects and you have the makings of a designer kids room.  

One last detail.  Don't ever consider it "finished."  When your kids change, let their room change with them.  As I've said in one of my previous posts, "Enjoy the Process."     


Wishing you success on your Design Path...